6 Effective Ways Of Boosting Engagement With Customers On Social Media

A successful business website comprises of several key elements, but none of those outside factors count for anything if the site doesn’t attract visitors. Online traffic is the key to sustained online results and should be a priority for companies of all shapes and sizes.

With over 1.3 billion active sites online, the battle for your fair share of the audience can feel like a minefield. Focus on the six ideas below, however, and you’ll see a noticeable spike in traffic in next to no time.

1. Produce great quality and original content

It’s a simple philosophy, but content really is king in the world of digital marketing. Search engines rank pages based on the quality of content while visitor bounce rates will be far lower when you master this task.

While SEO-friendly content is important, it’s equally vital that pages offer genuine value to the reader. Otherwise, penalties can be placed on your site. Whether it’s web pages or blog posts, quality is key.

2. Make sure your website is optimised for mobile

Over half of all online browsing session now take place via smartphones and tablets. Therefore, optimising your website for the mobile screens increases your potential audience by over 100%. The trend is only set to edge further away from browser experiences too.

Once again, the search engine algorithms prefer sites with good mobile optimisation, particularly when presenting results pages to those running searches via mobile devices. The good news is, we make sure all websites we make are optimised for mobile – as standard!

3. Optimise your website for speed

Modern online audiences don’t only expect great content, they expect it now. In fact, a website that takes longer than three seconds to load will lose over one-third of its total visitors. Many of those will never return.

Meanwhile, search engines prioritise those with good load speeds as they want to give consumers the best UX. Whether it’s compressing images or restructuring the design, focusing on shorter load times will bring huge rewards. Again, this is something Creative Digital offer to all their clients as standard.

4. Leverage your social media platforms

Whether you like it or not, the average consumer will spend more time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram than they will on your site. Instead of fighting it, learning to build big followings on those platforms gives you a chance to direct fans straight to your site.

Different social media platforms attract varying demographics. Finding one that matches yours is vital. Aside from boosting engagement with existing clients, viral content will spread the word to an even bigger audience.

5. Setup email marketing mailing lists

Email marketing is arguably the longest-standing form of digital marketing that is still utilised today. Advanced spam filters have all but ended the success of cold emails, to the delight of all internet users. However, targeting inboxes is still a fantastic method.

Encouraging customers to sign up to a newsletter or membership creates the opportunity to promote your business with engaging content in a number of ways. Given that most people check their emails daily, this can have a huge impact on your traffic levels. Here at Creative Digital, we offer a one-off service to set up your mailing list with automation so that whenever you post a new blog/announcement – it automatically gets sent to your entire mailing list.

6. Use paid advertising to reach the masses

Organic traffic is one thing, but no digital marketing strategy is complete without the help of paid advertising. This will produce far quicker results, reaching huge audience numbers in an engaging and appealing way.

PPC marketing (pay-per-click) and sponsored social media posts are the most common forms. Consumers won’t always find your website while directly looking for products and services. Going the extra mile to ensure you get seen can make a world of difference.


When building your online marketing strategy, it’s imperative that all the bases are covered. Failure to do this could significantly limit your results.

Here at Creative Digital, our experts can take care of everything from web design and mobile optimisation to SEO-friendly content and paid advertising on search engines and social media. Choose a professional service, and you’ll be sure to see professional results. Get in touch with us today!

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